Friday, March 21, 2014

Stateside: thoughts

Thoughts from my plane ride back to the states; yes I mention the book Blue Like Jazz but no, this is not a commentary on the book :)

Have you ever really payed attention to the earth below you when you fly? I haven't. 

Well not until today. 

Today I decided to make the most of my three hours without internet by intentionally bringing a book to read.  I just started "blue like jazz." I'm three pages in and I am captivated by the story. And I haven't even gotten that far. Words make me come to life. Reading words strung together so beautifully in a sentence make my heart skip a beat. I can appreciate the effort it takes to carefully choose words to convey thoughts. That's why I write. It's my outlet. Even if no one wanted to read my blog, I would still write. 

So here I am reading, soaking in the beauty of the sentence structure in "blue like jazz"; the simplicity of the words, the causal recounting of one man's experiences. 

I set the book down a moment to look out the window. I'm flying along the coast of Nicaragua; briefly, I look down below me and observe the beautiful ocean. What catches my eye are the waves, I see the white caps, breaking, closest to the shore. And then I look again, squinting my eyes. The waves, from this distance, aren't moving. The white caps of the waves actually look like splattered toothpaste on a mirror. 

And I started to think... This is what life is like. How often do I skip over the little blessings and details in my life that God is doing? When I looked at the waves, at first glance, I naturally assumed that I would see the waves crashing upon the shore. What I realized is that I had to pay attention and focus really hard to see any movement from the airplane. While I'm flying, looking over this amazing earth, above the clouds I'm convicted. I'm convicted because last night I listen to a message about how as Christians we sometimes want to accept Christ's sacrifice and then jump to going into all the world! I'm convicted because how easy is it to fly above all the worlds problems, to have a mindset of "I'm a Christian" but let me look past the needs of others? It's easy to say "Here God I'll look at the grand wonder of your beauty and majesty" but how can I not stop and focus on your daily influence in my life? 

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