Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Maybe One Day...

Maybe one day:
I'll learn to have a playful imagination again.
I'll conquer the world.
I'll stop trying to be such an adult.
I'll dream big, wild, crazy dreams.

Maybe, with each passing day,  I'll begin to regain perspective. That life is short. And beautiful and hard and sometimes ugly... All at the same time. Maybe one day with fearless abandon I will declare my dreams to the world like my friend Naydelyin from Tiribi. When I asked her what her dreams were she told me, "I want my grandma to come back and live with my family...because she's in prison." Maybe one day I'll have an innocent but blunt maner of speaking like most children have.  Maybe one day I'll have faith like Naydelyin... You see, the thing with kids is there is always hope. For some reason there is always a silver lining.

Maybe that's why Jesus tells us to learn from the little children.

Naydelyin, six years old, Tiribi 

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