Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Your love is relentless

I can't even begin to tell you how blessed 6:8 is to have the Celebration Medical team here! They are so awesome. The teams leaders are so proactive and helpful. The team is constantly an example of what unity looks like. All of them are of one mind and they work so well together. We have had an incredible turnout wherever we have held the clinics. The first day began with orientation, counting medicine, and coming to church. After church and a quick lunch we opened a clinc in the church for the church members. It was meant to be a low key event an it was, yet we still had a decent amount of people show up.

The next day we were in Verbena all day. It was insane but also really awsome! Once all the patient papers were totaled, I found out we saw 176 people!!! I'm telling you, these people are organized! They have everyone go to a triage station for vitals where they receive their paperwork. Whenever a provider is ready, the next patient is called for treatment. After diagnosis, the patient takes his/her paperwork/perscription to the pharmacy station.

On Tuesday we went to Tiribi. Tuesday was probably the most draining day. We easily saw over 250 people!!! It was much more organized with the flow of care for people but it was a crazy day nonetheless. Again, the unity in the team was mind-blowing. There was not one selfish person in the group. Everyone was helping each other, they'll probably never know how much of a blessing it was for me to see their Christlikeness lived out.

Today the group spilt into two smaller groups. One group went back to verbena to make house calls and check up on people who had been seen Monday. The group I was with went back to Tiribi but we went to Tiribi school. Today was strictly an educational day for the kids. The doctor and nurses couldn't prescribe any medication because they needed written permission from the parents, and the fact that we were able to go to the school was last minute anyway. It was a great day! We went from classroom to classroom talking about how to keep your mind, body, and heart heathy.

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