Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kids club

Yesterday was my second day attending the kids club that is held at Igelsia Celebración. This facet of the ministry is run by my super cool, amazing, fun loving, and talented roommate, Alix. She is such a vital part to this ministry and I love watching her interact with these people who she loves dearly.

The typical routine usually follows this pattern: we set up tables and chairs in the church and put games, coloring books, and play dough on the tables. These items are out for kids to play with while we wait for everyone who is coming for the day to arrive. Once we know who will be participating in the club for the day we start off with prayer. All of the kids and volunteers hold hands and go around thanking God for something :) After prayer we sing some songs and then have a bible lesson. Next is English class which is facilitated by Chaz, one of out amazing staff members. Then kids take turns to read aloud for story time. Once that is finished they sit down back at the tables and eat a snack and then play some more while they wait for their parents to pick them up.

Later in the day some of my friends and I had hamburger and movie night. It was really fun! :)

I can't even begin to put into words how incredible it is to be back here. There are so many awesome staff members to be reunited with and many, many, many, amazing friend to see as well. I'm so blessed by these people and the local church here. It is awesome to be able to see how a lot of people younger than me and some my age are a shining light for Jesus in one of the darkest places in Costa Rica. They are an example for me and their encourage my faith.

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