Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Transformation: Lagunilla

This week my home church youth group, from Cross Creek Church, is here! It has been a crazy, amazing week. We've been doing a lot of kids ministry in barrios, but we have particularly focused on one barrio the past few days. The area is called Lagunilla, which means little lagoon. This barrio is the closest barrio to the local church, Iglesia CelebraciĆ³n. It has been neat to build relationships with the people of Lagunilla, one, because several of them already go to the church. The second reason is because the barrio is so close to the church we can invite more people to check out the church! 

Cross creek's goal this week was to give the park in Lagunilla a make-over. It has been such a humbling and exciting experience to be a part of. Humbling because playing at a park seems so simple, but it makes a difference! On day one in the barrio, there were a lot of on-lookers, wondering what all the gringos were doing in the park. As the afternoon wore on, more and more people came to do some of their own investigating. It is humbling to see how a little bit of touch-ups to a local playground can bring SO much joy to the neighborhood kids. Several times during the week, there were anxious kids who wanted to play...we had to tell them a few times to wait because there was fresh paint! The exciting part of this week was today. We had the dedication of the park today. There were kids, moms, sisters, brothers, and dads all over the place!!! There was so much laughter to be heard floating through the air, coloring books filled, chalk art everywhere, jump rope, tag, four-square, basketball, and soccer. 

My mind was at ease and my heart was full. There was so much love present. 

Victor, faithful, hard-working victor! :)

Casting the vision for the mural 

Finished, new basketball hoop.

Sarah, working on the mural.




  1. Wonderful! Parks are such a great things for kiddos! Wish we had some here!! We even lived in a community in the US that did not have a good park. I think it is worth the investment for a community. Nice that so many joined you to invest in the one there for these!! What a great way to show tangible love! HIS love!
    Melinda Whited =0)

  2. Amazing at the things our God can do...Simply BEAUTIFUL!!! Be Blessed