Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This is what it means to be held
how it feels when the sacred is torn from your life
and you survive
this is what it is to be loved and to know
that the promise was when everything fell
we'd be held.

Out of nowhere, this song has been stuck in my head. The line "this is what it means to be held" randomly would form on my lips. God was whispering truth to me about what he is teaching me; and I didn't even realize it right away. Holding all these kids is how I am the hands and feet of Christ. It doesn't seem like much, but it means the world to these kids. Taking time to hug, kiss, tickle, and play with these children is not "just" loving on them. It might appear to be "simple" but it is profound. The love I get to show them is from my daddy, Jesus. It is an honor and a privilege to love the Naomi's, the Juniors, and the Sophia's of Alajuelita.

When home is not a safe place to be or Dad isn't around, the few hours I spend in these various barrios, makes a difference in the lives of these people. There is supernatural peace, protection, love, community, and joy. A lot. A lot, a lot, a lot, of the kids that I am holding, chasing, or coloring with are abused. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. And, for a few hours at a time there is a safe, loving environment for these children to actually be kids.


Jesus' perfect love casts out fear. 

This lovely lady, in the orange jacket, who was sitting in my lap coloring wasn't really paying attention to what she was doing. As I watched her color, I noticed she was just scribbling and observing all the playing going on around her. This young lady was fully capable of being OCD about staying in the lines on her coloring page...a lot of the kids here are. :)  Alix verbalized what I was thinking. "Look, she doesn't even care about what she's coloring. She just wants to be held."

Naomi playing peek-a-boo.

This is my little friend from church. Last Sunday, she wanted to cling to my neck. All morning. I loved every second of it!! Who know's what home life is like? Who know's when the last time she got a hug? A kiss? Who cares. I know that I had the opportunity to love on her, squeeze her tightly, and, by simply holding her, bring a smile to her face. 

This beauty doesn't know her name. A staff member asked her what her name is and she replied "Gorda" which means fat or fatty. The staff member, who thought that she was joking, pressed further and asked, "no really, what is your name?" Her friend with her, agreed with the little girls statement "yes it is gorda." This little girl, probably about four years old, doesn't even know her name. She doesn't know that she is beloved, precious, and special in the eyes of God. How amazing is it that I get to love on the least of these? It's flippin' awesome!!! And oh so rewarding. 

I challenge you with this, how are you loving those around you? Men, women, and children, everywhere are hurting and in need of Jesus. 

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  1. This is so wonderful! It's true, who cares... it's so incredible that God is giving you this opportunity