Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dios es Poderoso

The past few weeks have been extremely hectic, and we are only at the beginning of an amazing summer! Over the next couple of posts I'd like to share about the different areas that 6:8 Ministries serves in. I've been blessed and completely blown away by God. I keep telling teams that my favorite part of being down here is knowing I don't leave after one week. Serving here for a longer time has just given me a glimpse of the bigger kingdom that God is building. I love serving Jesus here or anywhere. That is what I've been processing a lot lately. I hope and pray that the teams will use this experience as a springboard for change back in the states. 

This is my buddy, Manuel Antonio from the Verbena barrio.

Playing in Alajuelinda.

We're all riding in the patrol on the way home from the mobile feeding center in Verbena, which occurs every Saturday. 

Rosa and her family attend the local church here. She is such sweet, smiley girl.

I went up to the crosses with a team recently. The view was incredible!

Manuel Antonio, Naomi, and Kyle coloring in Verbena.


  1. :O) LOVE you...glad things are going well...

  2. My favorite is the cross! Seeing this makes me realize how we have such a purposeful God :)