Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cracked Mirrors

God has really been working on my heart, and when I say working, I mean squishing, plucking, and cutting out the sin in my life. What that sentence means more specifically, is that while I've been going through the book of Ephesians (women's study), sermons from 1 Corinthians, working, and preparing for Costa Rica, God has brought multiple opportunities for me to live out the gospel. Sanctification. The beauty of this process is that by definition, it is ongoing. Personally, it is so easy to be caught up in the "doing" of my walk with Jesus. Clearly, in James 2:14-17, faith apart from works in dead; yet, lately, I've been stuck in the works. I "know" the bible, but so many of my good intentions are lost in translation. For example, the gospel is simple right? Offensive, yes, but it is simple, but knowing versus understanding and living out what you know are seperate things.  Jesus has been smacking me in the face with the reality of Himself. He's been revealing that it isn't about WWJD (what would Jesus Do), it's been more along the lines of WDJD (what did Jesus do). What did he accompilish on the cross? Now live in the freedom that comes through that.

Now to the title of the post, I'm a cracked mirror. For some reason, God has kept bringing that image to my mind about sinners who love Jesus. I'm in Christ as a new creation, thus I am his representitive and reflection. All to easily, I get upset with another sister or brother in Christ when he or she sins. Usually my mind set is, "how dare they? You're a christian...act like one!" Annnnd then Jesus reminds me "Oh, Lacey, silly Lacey, you too, are a broken representation me." So when I say I've been learning to live out the gospel, that means God has been pointing me to how He loved me. He never gave up on me, despite my failings! 

The fact that I thought I could learn a lesson and just check it off is a lie. My entire life should be in pursuit of holiness because that is what Jesus has called me to. He is all or nothing because he is a zealous God.

That's what God's been teaching me. Follow me, come to me, I am the source.

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  1. This is so relatable, especially getting upset when others aren't living up to the Christian name they're claiming. But that mirror analogy was great... While I find myself getting so caught up with the God I don't think they're reflecting well, I take a look in the mirror and see a sinful broken person who needs Jesus just as bad. Thanks Lacey!