Sunday, January 6, 2013

a drop

//in your everlasting arms all the pieces of my life from beginning to the end I can trust you//

       Have you ever considered how infinite God is yet He still loves little ole you and me? I just started reading "I am not but I know I am" by Louie Giglio, and I was struck by just how small I am. Though this is just barely scratching the surface the surface, reading about the cosmos started giving me a glimpse of how vast 1) God is period 2) how massive the galaxies are and 3) God loves me still. It's mind blowing.

Then all of the sudden, I got this picture of a drop of water being splashing into an ocean. Now take a moment to let that sink in. Picture it in your minds eye. We live among seven billion. s e v e n  b i l l i o n. people. And yet Christ know us intimately. Yes I am on drop in an ocean and remembering that helps me stay humble. But on the flip on side the Lord. the Lord. The Lord calls me by name and holds that drop in His palm.

"You're beyond tiny, but if you are as believer in Jesus, every ounce of you has been bought and redeemed by God's son." ~Louie Giglio

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