Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I had the chance to go back to Texas again to visit my Aunt. I was super thrilled because I just love Texas and...I flew alone! It was an adventure :) I was slightly nervous sitting in my gate early in the morning. Though, the flight was uneventful.

I was kind of bummed.

I looked forward to those "airplane" conversations. I've heard stories about interesting people that may sit next to you and unfortunately, three out of four flights included no conversation.what.so.ever. Except on the flight out to Texas, (I had a connecting flight) there was a man and his cat. I don't know why, but I thought it was extremely strange to travel with a cat. like. aren't cats the easiest animals to take care of? plus, they come with 9 lives. what is there to lose. i digress. I'm allergic to cats. I saw this guy holding his cat before boarding, thinking, "I hope I don't sit next to him!" just my luck. Thankfully, the cat was stowed under a seat and was far enough away that I didn't react to it being near me.

On my way home, my bag had to be "re-scanned" at another angle at the security check point. basically, i had a mini heart attack, but I kept it together. "Oh, sure!" *whew* relief covered me when i saw my belongings come through. even though I had nothing to hide, I was just curious what looked suspicious, perhaps? nonetheless, I returned home happy and successful.

i love to fly.


  1. Your Blog is le boring gurl, step it uppppp

  2. Oh gosh, having security go through your luggage is always scary (even when you know that there is nothing in there). Oh the joys of flying ;)
    xo TJ