Tuesday, November 6, 2012

whispers |the sidewalk pt 2|

do you hear the whispers in the wind? are you even aware that i'm beckoning?

 i'm calling you.

did you know that i'm pursuing you? i have called you by name. i know all the ins and outs about you and where your life will lead you. you claim to want to know what's coming next in life, but do you really care? because by knowing me, you will know the details of your life. are you coming to me with eager expectation, anticipation, or hope about the future? do you want to know me, or do you just want to be in control



i'm speaking.

slow down, breathe in, breathe deep. be still. 

pause and hear the whispers in the wind.


  1. Love this beyond description. You. bless. me.

  2. Wow... :O) God let me give birth to you, that's AWESOME!! Love you, my little Missy Moo Moo!

    Love, Yo Momma!

  3. That's beautifully written.
    Slowed me right down after a hectic day.

  4. Maybe I'm emotional, or just completely moved by this post, but thank you.