Saturday, October 27, 2012

the sidewalk pt. 1

the firm ground beneath her was becoming no more with every step she took. the pavement ended. she stopped. with her feet side by side and lips pursed, she was confused. the clear path had ceased to exist. little wrinkles formed by her eyes as she squinted long and hard. she paused and then searched longingly across the horizon for any sign of direction. she looked down at her feet. the idea of leaving the familiar, planned, and concreteness of her life frightened her. thoughts ran laps around her brain.  the soft, green earth that was just inches from her toes beckoned fearless abandon, yet, she was reluctant. 

he beckoned, "come, follow me."

 she glided across the once daunting, unknown path with her eyes fixated upon Him. not where she had been nor where she was going.

what was there to lose?

luke 5:1-11


  1. Okay... I love this! You're amazing(;


  2. always. blown. away. by your words.

  3. you two are very kind! thank you :)