Sunday, October 21, 2012

a day to be remembered

sheesh. I haven't blogged, in what feels like, forever! I have been staying super busy these days. I recently moved to the pharmacy at work. I'm part-time at my community college, plus I'm a youth leader, and I'm good at filling up my calender with other commitments. Now that I have some time to write, I just have to share about my amazing weekend with my friend, Alyse!

We are working on a cultural project for our Spanish class, so we went to several places to document Hispanic culture. However, our favorite, and possibly most talked about stop was the restaurant we went to. It was utterly fantastic. We were to happy with the massive bowl of queso. :) We walked in thinking we could eat an elephant because we had done so much walking, though, we both ended up boxing up our meals to go.

It was just an a great, spontaneous day filled with popsicles, the beach, and many happy memories.

it was just so lovely i wish it could be relived. ah, next time :)

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