Saturday, October 27, 2012

the sidewalk pt. 1

the firm ground beneath her was becoming no more with every step she took. the pavement ended. she stopped. with her feet side by side and lips pursed, she was confused. the clear path had ceased to exist. little wrinkles formed by her eyes as she squinted long and hard. she paused and then searched longingly across the horizon for any sign of direction. she looked down at her feet. the idea of leaving the familiar, planned, and concreteness of her life frightened her. thoughts ran laps around her brain.  the soft, green earth that was just inches from her toes beckoned fearless abandon, yet, she was reluctant. 

he beckoned, "come, follow me."

 she glided across the once daunting, unknown path with her eyes fixated upon Him. not where she had been nor where she was going.

what was there to lose?

luke 5:1-11

Sunday, October 21, 2012

a day to be remembered

sheesh. I haven't blogged, in what feels like, forever! I have been staying super busy these days. I recently moved to the pharmacy at work. I'm part-time at my community college, plus I'm a youth leader, and I'm good at filling up my calender with other commitments. Now that I have some time to write, I just have to share about my amazing weekend with my friend, Alyse!

We are working on a cultural project for our Spanish class, so we went to several places to document Hispanic culture. However, our favorite, and possibly most talked about stop was the restaurant we went to. It was utterly fantastic. We were to happy with the massive bowl of queso. :) We walked in thinking we could eat an elephant because we had done so much walking, though, we both ended up boxing up our meals to go.

It was just an a great, spontaneous day filled with popsicles, the beach, and many happy memories.

it was just so lovely i wish it could be relived. ah, next time :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Let it be known | A music announcement

Hear ye, hear ye, one and all!

I'm just so excitedly happy about the music I've been listening to I could bust!!!  It's quite ridiculous.

Take a moment to prepare yourself.

 Have you heard of Gungor, Tenth Avenue North, or Rend Collective Experiment? Well, newsflash. Get with the program! These bands are some of my favorite. I've been listening to Tenth Ave the longest, followed by Gungor. I discovered Rend Collective Experiment through Tenth Ave because these two bands are touring together. "Eh, whatever, no big deal," you must be thinking. Ahem. Rend collective is a band with five core individuals, but consider themselves a collective because lots of people contribute to their music. How sweet is that? Wait, I'm just getting started. They are from northern Ireland!!! GAH! Can I just say that the reason I highly recommend these bands is solely because of their authenticity. (score, I spelled that without spell check : ) ) Each of these bands write songs based on scripture paired with fantastic melodies.The lyrics are raw and are the out-workings of real people going through the ups and downs of real life because after all, they are people too. Lately, I've been playing and replaying these albums on my ipod. I can't get enough!

Though, what makes me even more excited about music is getting to see it live. <-- This sentence can be translated to: HELLO CONCERTS! :) I'm going to see Gungor this week and Rend Collective Experiment with Tenth Avenue North next month. And as if that were the icing on the cake, it isn't. My college (wee little college that is it) is offering two travel abroad opportunities, one to Ireland ( hence the excitement) and one two Italy. Just the idea (it is still in the idea stage) of going to the country were this phenomenal band is from makes me want to jump up and down with delight, which, by the way, has happened.

So, what is the moral of this blogpost? Well, obviously. If you do not have in your possession:

  • Beautiful Things and Ghosts Upon the Earth by Gungor
  • Over and Underneath, The Light Meets the Dark, and The Struggle by Tenth Avenue North
  • Organic Family Hymnal and Homemade Worship by Handmade People by Rend Collective Experiment
Go and first find money. Be it your next pay check, allowance, birthday money, or better yet, the spare change that you know is hidden all over your house, it adds up.  I encourage you to spend it investing joy into your ears. Trust me on this one, it's worth it.