Wednesday, August 8, 2012

You don't know you're beautiful

these are my thoughts regarding the culture that girls currently live in. I am not writing directly to any one person. it is my intent to plead with girls everywhere to realize their worth. I do not intend to offend anyone.
~ xxxxx ~
Dear Friends, 

You don't know you're beautiful. 

And the reason I know that is because of the way you feel it necessary to flaunt yourself on social media. You are beautiful, can't you see that? I know that you want attention, but flashing your skin won't do the trick. What you seek now is immediate satisfaction, which will begin go away just as soon as it began. It makes my heart ache to see you saddened by the fact that you don't have as many "likes" or  comments on your photos. Please know that the foundation on your face is worthless when you can have Christ as your foundation. He see's you as his daughter. You are precious in his sight, and if no one seems to think you are pretty, Jesus see's you as stunning because of His work on the cross. He died to save YOU. How could he not love someone he died to save?

The culture we live in today says to wear clothes that barely hide you inside of the material, but you can be clothed in righteousness. Men are attracted to what excites them. Let God draw the right man to your beautiful heart for Christ and not to the opportunity of instant physical pleasure. Save yourself before you get into a mess you can't crawl out of. When you protect your brother's eyes,(guy friends, boyfriends, literal family and anyone in between) you can build friendships. Seek out friends before a relationship and save yourself some drama; it'll be worth it for your sake. You are young; enjoy the time that God has given you. Mistakes that are made now can become habits for later. Avoid traps and seek fun without stupidity. 

Beauty is vain, and charm is deceitful, but a Woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Don't you see? All that the world values is meaningless to God. He loves, treasures, and delights in you only because when He see's you, He see's no mess, He see's Jesus' work on the cross. What you think matters now, does not. Make-up to hide your "flaws", clothes for unnecessary attention, sassy attitudes, and curse words do not, I repeat, do not make you any better to God. Now, I've listed make-up and clothes, though, these things are not bad. However, when you obsess over them for the wrong attention you can open doors to pathways you'd never thought you'd enter. I know you'll think I'm crazy, but your parents love you. They want to protect you. I know, believe me I know, you think they don't understand. But they do. They enforce rules and seem harsh because it's a crazy world out there. They love you and want what is best for you, even though it doesn't always "feel" good.

Please, do what you can now to protect yourself.

A fellow girl, sister, and friend,



  1. 100% favorite quote is...... "Please know that the foundation on your face is worthless when you can have Christ as your foundation." Could not have been more beautifully said! Our really foundation is where our time should be spent in the morning! :) Love you! --lala

  2. I love this <3 Need to be reminded sometimes(;

  3. wow. this is incredibly deep and soo true, not just for young women, but for the guys in this world that are so consumed with the type of girls they surround themselves with.

    So girls be secure first and foremost in God's love and faithfulness but also in who you are. because God of all people can see right through all of the makeup and clothes, and so can a guy who is really there for YOU and not just what those clothes cover up.

    and guys..take a moment to really consider why you are so attracted to that girl..i hope its because of who she is on the inside and who she lives her life to serve.

    thats my take on your beautiful warning to the young women of the world :) hope im not too far off

  4. boy have I never loved a post as much. :) This just sent shivers up my spine. Even as a fellow sister in Christ, it’s hard to not give in to what the world is trying to tell you. Without realizing it and having someone point it out, like you, you can find yourself getting involved in trying to define and shape yourself into the world’s view of beauty. Sometimes you need God to use other people to remind you that beauty is more than just the body, it’s the heart, it’s what Christ did for you on the cross that makes you beautiful. IT’S THE FACT THAT YOU WERE INITIALLY CREATED IN GOD’S IMAGE. God bless!