Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You Stay The Same

Since the last time I posted, I have been occupied with working, training for the pharmacy, and preparing for Costa Rica. I'm still fundraising, but my youth leader assured me that he would make sure that I was coming. :) I've been tested and stretched in my faith regarding the mission trip because of my type A oldest sister side. I like to know that my ducks are in a row. I'm a planner. While I'm mostly a relaxed, go with the flow person, I really felt the need to take this into my hands and fix my "problem." On top of my worry about the trip, I was dealing with insomnia. My mind was SO busy that I had thoughts constantly running through my brain.I was more focused on the coming day than calming down, reading the bible to direct my thoughts, and trusting God. Strangely, I came across this verse while I was up at 3am one day:
 At midnight I rise to praise you,
because of your righteous rules.Psalm 119:62.

I was so thankful for a sweet time of worship with my friends from Daytona over the weekend; it was helpful to regain the perspective that I was numbing myself away from. As soon as I sit down and reflect, I have thoughts of thankfulness trickle into my mind. I'm so blessed to have a fantastic church. I'm thankful for awesome parents and faithful grandparents. I'm undeserving of the job that I have. Yet, without God's word guiding and clarifying my thinking I quickly drift away from those thoughts I just mentioned. Lately, I have been reading, "Weird: because normal isn't working." The book is by Craig Groeschel, and it has been so convicting and encouraging to me. The whole theme of the book goes along with a post I wrote prior to reading the book. It's super neat for me to read an entire book based on thoughts that I had previously! :)

{i've been humming this song all day}


  1. Mmmmmwwwah (that's kissy noise for your face) Thanks for the description...we think you're pretty awesome as well...Why?! Because, YES, God IS awesome...and He made YOU!! :O) "Awesome is, as Awesome does..,"

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    1. Orrrr you could tell me why you liked it ;)