Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Costa Rica Update

Hello from Alajuelita, Costa Rica!

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Checking into the airport and waiting to board our flight was very smoothly executed. We had no problems staying together! Shouts of joy, squeals, or, "WE'RE GOING TO COSTA RICAAAAAA!!!!" would randomly explode with the anticipation mounting.

Our only issue was Kirstin's motion-sickness. She felt queasy as we started moving in the plane, even though we hadn't lifted off the ground. Our brief 2 hour and 45 minute flight was the longest and most uncomfortable flight for Kirstin. She did end up throwing up several times, but when we got to the team house she was slowly beginning to feel better and she kept her food down. Praise the Lord!

After quickly unloading and rearranging our luggage, we went on a prayer walk in the area just outside of 6:8 ministries. It was very powerful for all of us as we began to really have our eyes opened to the reality of the lifestyle here. One of the most important things that Bryan (6:8 staff) told us in orientation was to be open to the "living-in-the-moment" Holy Spirit leading. We actually were able to have an impromptu prayer circle around a man, who goes by the name of shaggy. We also stopped and prayed over what used to be a thriving coffee field. Now, the overgrown coffee plants hide dark activities such as drug dealing and using. The ground is covered in trash and apparently was in better conditions than it has been before. 6:8 would love to see how God would take over this land, how he would use this land and take dominion for His kingdom and glory. It was very moving to be apart of praying over this property.

Next we had chapel, lead by Bryan (SO great!) and a brief small group. It was a wonderful first day and all of use are very much enjoying our time here. Thank you for your prayers, we appreciate them so much!

Look for pictures next time :)


  1. I'm glad that you all arrived safely, Kirstin is feeling better, and that the Lord is working in and through you all!!!

  2. Love the blogging. I am sharing these with all the people who helped get you there. Love you guys....xo
    Michelle Falcone