Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Breaking the barriers one word at a time: Costa Rica 7/20

We are home in the states, but I wasn't able to finish blogging about the whole trip there. I'm planning on finishing it before the week is out. :)


Despite the assumed simplicity of basic communication, the team in Costa Rica has discovered the power of speaking through love and not words. The most basic sentence becomes the starting point for friendships that transcend wealth and cultural differences. While teaching English doesn't clearly scream, "We're Jesus freaks!" we were able to reach out to those in the community by helping them improve what they do know. We went over work books practicing the numbers, colors, and shapes.  We ended the English practice by singing "Head shoulders, knees and toes."

Next we went to help out at the feeding center at the Celebration church, Alajuelita campus, which is right near 6:8. It was like a small church service before the meal. There was a sermon and a song before those gathered ate. This service project went fairly quickly because these men ate really fast. It probably was there only meal of the day. With that fact in mind, it was extremely humbling to see how thankful and smiley they all were. The whole group was touched when Spencer sat down to eat among these men. It doesn't take much to do something that "simple" or "basic", however, I know that it spoke volumes to those men. Spencer is the  president of 6:8 ministries but that didn't matter or have any significance while he communed with the Ticos.

After lunch we went to Alajuelinda (i think that's the spelling.) spend time at a local playground. 6:8 hasn't made many contacts in this area, though, we were able to share the love of Christ by playing, providing entertainment, and stimulating the kids day. Who knows what they were doing before? Were they bored? The joy, smiles, and hugs for even those brief moments, definitely showed them that Gringos (white people) aren't any better than they are. We're all people and we all need love.  When we came back from playing we dispersed into our VBS groups to finalize our plans for the following day.

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  1. I'm so glad you got to go. I hope we can talk more about it soon. :)