Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So, here's the deal

Yesterday was pretty rough and long. 

I sometimes get nauseated and so I always have medicine on hand just in case I begin to feel a little sick. Well, I ran out of medicine. I was very queasy all yesterday morning until, at last, I threw up. I began to do so about every 15 minutes starting at 10am with no breakfast on my tummy. Mom and I eventually (about an hour later) went to a Crucial care center to nip this in the bud! After about an hour of waiting my vitals were taken and I was dozing in and out between the nurses checking in. At long last the doctor came in and we discussed the options, shot with anti-nausea or an IV with anti-nausea. I started with the shot and that didn't do squat for me. I imagined it wouldn't do anything only because by now I have become a professional vomiter, and I've had quite the experience with all the routes I could possibly take. This is about the fifth time I've dealt with a situation like this.

I let the medicine try to take affect and yet I was still keeping nothing in my stomach. I got the IV shortly after realizing that the shot didn't work. The nurse put the same medicine in the IV, though. The medicine she used was phenergan (fen-er-gen) which is supposed to be the stronger of the two anti-nausea medicine. I usually take Zofran. I continued to throw up even with the phenergan so after a tech came in to try to draw blood, she gave me a dissolve-able zofran tablet. Between the shot, IV, and tablet there was a lapse of time, I supposed a long one, where I feel completely asleep. The phenergan can do that to ya. It worked for me! My mom was even on the phone and I didn't hear her. :) 

I woke up and they x-rayed my stomach just to be safe. It was at this point when I began to feel stronger and more human. Before I felt very weak and very, very, tired. I felt perky and I even ate some cheese-its and drank some gatorade. I got my discharge papers and mom and I left. Mom walked into a health food store behind the clinic to get some things and she bought some food for me and herself. The wrap she got, honestly, didn't taste very good but I ate it anyway. Later on down the road on the way home, we stopped to get some gas. It was there that I threw up my sandwich. I told mom it tasted like pickles and it was nasty! We still continued home and since then I slept incredibly well, and I've have been keeping all my food down and feeling much, much better!


  1. aw being sick is a terrible feeling. :( hope you stay feeling better!

  2. Feel better! This sounds like a very serious and hard thing to live with.

  3. Thank you two! It isn't too bad, I've kind of gotten to the point of just dealing with it. But the medicine I have now will help me not have to a crucial care or the ER :)