Friday, May 25, 2012

An Update: Graduation!

{my dad's parents}

{my parents}
So, I graduated from highschool!! : ) I can't believe I did it. Well, that my parents and I did it. I'm thrilled to say the least. I'm apart of a homeschooling group that throws a graduation and it was very nice and quite formal. I, however, decided that I'd mix it up a bit. As I was walking across the stage I received my diploma case from the commencement speaker, took my solo picture, and as I was walking off I yelled, " FREEDOM!" Yeah, I know, subtle, oh so subtle. My parents were kind of shocked.  Oh well! Got to make memories, yeah? : ) Later that night a bunch of friends showed up to my open house. I'm blessed to know awesome people of all ages who came out to congratulate me. 

My mom put together one heck of a table of food. It was so delicious! She said she feels like she now knows how to have an open house. haha. She's open to hosting another sometime :)

Yesterday, my family and my mom's parents (who are down for about another week) went to dinner and the beach. Oh, it was so beautiful! The sky was several radiant shades of blue and so was the water. Believe it or not, we stumbled into a soon to be wedding--on a thursday! ha! It was kind of neat. I mean what's better than no shoes at a wedding? Nothing.  :) 

We went to a local resturant, Osteens. It was very yummy. It's a tradition that my grandpa, my mom's dad, we call pappy, holds. "And I don't want to stop now!"

After a stroll on the beach we went to get Rita's ice. Which basically is the best place to get italian ice. YUM to the max. I got a passion fruit gelati. Gelati is the bestest creamiest well, cream that tops the ice. 

Now you are all caught up. : ) Besides working a ton I've been trying to soak up this non school filled season.


  1. Congratulations! Such a wonderful and definitely a memorable moment! So happy that you enjoyed it and had a great open house. :)

  2. CONGRATS!!! Wish I could have made it to the party, but we were busy :/

    And, dude, I LOVE that you yelled, 'Freedom!' after walking across the stage(; that's awesome! haha

  3. Chic baby! would you like to follow each other blog? :X