Monday, May 14, 2012

Oh, to join in your song

The words from Christy Nockles' song "Sing Along"  have been resounding in my ears.

Great God, wrap your arms around this world tonight
 around the world tonight.
and when you hear our cries sing through the night
 so we can join in your song and sing along

The words "join in your song" particularly struck me as I was driving home. Typically when I listen to this song I think about the enormity of God's grasp for the world. I think of huge hands cradling the globe. I think about the "wrap your arms around this world" grasp, it's mind blowing for me. However, today I was thinking about how my life is a string of notes in God's song, not my own. As I begin to grow, as well as everyone else, our lives begin to morph into one sophisticated, composed orchestra directed by God. Just as music is not always happy + peppy, neither is my life. While I'm imagining this beautiful analogy, what resonates within me the deepest, is that I have the opportunity to join in His song.
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