Friday, May 4, 2012

An Ode to Jared

Today is a big day

it might be scary, it might

be both. You're quirky and

have really taken to musicals;

you're one of a kind.

You're my brother and

I've known you all my life.

Somehow, even though

I'm older, you tend to be

one step ahead of me.

I'm glad we're close in age.

We've done so many

things together.

Remember building forts

after a hurricane one year?

Or how about the trip to

Seaworld where I lost my

marbles and when you

rode Kraken apparently

againt your will? I hope

you were too scarred.

You've always been

an overachiever. For

pete's sake, you made a

pineapple upside down cake

by age seven. It has been neat to see

how you have taken to

photography and

how well you've gotten!

Here's to a great year! I'm

glad, blessed, and thankful to

be your sister.

Jared, Jared, awesome Jared

from your head down to your feet

there is nothing half so sweet as

Jared, Jared, awesome Jared.

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