Monday, May 7, 2012

I have to admit

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lowercase letters 
 I have to admit, it's kind of weird to see your own face pop in your list of blogs. I was scrolling through the blogs that I read and a saw a picture of myself! I forgot that I had submitted a guest post for Ordinary Utopia.
Well, I did! I have my first guest post over at Ordinary Utopia. It's definitely weird to see my writing up over there, weird but a good. I really appreciate the opportunity to write a piece for those ladies, it was fun. Thank you!

So go check it out here! :)


  1. hehe, i was so happy when i saw that picture of you and stiggy together and your post on the blog this morning :) you're just awesomely awesome in every way :)
    also: i got your letter today! DUDE. i am so excited for you. seriously :D
    miss ya tons!

  2. Nice post!! :O) ...and so VERY true...

    Love you!