Saturday, April 7, 2012


Tonight was a crisp April evening. The combined families, numbering 17, gathered around one table tonight. It was kind of a special thing to see. It reminded me of the pilgrims first settling here in America. A long table, with many people surrounding it, and once again provided with food. It was neat to see big blended families joined. Not many people have "big" families these days, and that, I suppose, is okay.  However, it was especially heart-warming for me because family members aren't just those who I happen to reside with. That is what is so unique about family structures: they continue on and branch out into thin roots, causing more growth, projecting the tree upwards. The reason I love family is because even when you live six or more states away, you never ever really loose where you last paused your continuing story. Reminiscent as stories are flung across the table, kept to certain circles perhaps, and then projected out again with someone's loud, lovely laugh. It is in those moments, such as tonight, that I take this experience in and observe. As if I were sitting before a crackling fire sipping a warm drink, just taking it all in. And then of course, keep it hidden in my memory bank for sometime until we meet again. I find it fascinating how much I, personally, remember. After thinking about a particular memory, I tend to realize how one or more of my senses such a smell, touch, or taste were involved. Thus sealing the moment with a much tighter seal. Tonight, I've been doing that. When I think about pondering, I think about storing up instances, I think of Mary who stored up her memories in her heart.

All of this has been happening tonight, and while the extended family isn't here much longer, I'm sure I won't let these memories flop outside of  my building repertoire of things my brain fancies. Tonight, I'm trying to enjoy. So far, fairly successfully, and more recently because my cousin is playing beautifully on the piano right now. I might go make some tea now. I hope you are able to cherish the people that mean the most to you, tonight.


  1. Man that was like... poetry!(: haha thoroughly enjoyed myself, Lace(; a very sweet sentiment of a blog(;

  2. Wacey you write wonderfully!! :O) Happy times!!