Monday, April 16, 2012

My weekend

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Fruit bowls. Delicious fruit, pre-sliced, waiting for you, a rushed individual quickly throwing together a lunch. Or the not so rushed lady who liked to have convince at her finger tips, whatever the reason is, Publix has loving cut fruit up for your disposal. However, there is on slight disadvantage to the cashier.(i.e. me) The price of the item is on the front of the container, yet it always seems to get fudged or bent from the cooler to the register. Thus leaving me to awkwardly undo the label whilst the customer stares at me, oh the joy I tell you! Anyway, I think I'm going to suggest a change.

2. School. School is almost over! Yippee! I can't even really believe it. It came upon me so quietly and quickly, but I am ever grateful the time has almost come.  Approximately two week remain for my college classes and about three weeks for my homeschool classes. Then the week following being released from eight hour detention in a church building for something known as education, I'll graduate!!! : )

3. We had friends over for dinner this past saturday and that was such a lovely, hilarious time! I really enjoyed having the couple and their two kids over. Christian is two and Eliza is 6mo. At the dinner table Christian was asked to talk and his dad said, " Christian, can you said John Piper?" "John Pipa!" "Christian, justification." "jussication!" It was too cute! He then proceeded to outstretch both arms and wave frantically until you waved back, then he would bring his arms in across his chest and smile. I even got to hold Eliza during dinner. She eventually decided that everyone wasn't giving her the correct amount of attention and that she was hungry so, she started to cry.

4. While our friends were here, I noticed their kids had really strong and great attachment to their parents. We've been learning in our human growth and development class that attachment is a vital part of parenting. Especially for the child to succeed in interaction with others, for example. But attachment is a key component in the child developing period. Both of these children were very comfortable with other people holding them and playing with them. The coolest part for me was to actually get to see this in real life. We've been reading about this all semester, but to actually see what attachment looks like was really neat and rewarding for me. :)

5. Posts. I've recently read these posts and highly enjoyed them.

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Just this blog in general, her awkward and awesome thursdays are the highlight of my week! :)


  1. Looks like a great week! My husband just finished up his first year of law school, so I am looking forward to having him around to do some fun stuff with!

  2. i think i will call him john pipa from now on. ; ) so cute!

    1. I'm surprised you know who he is...i've recently talked to people who don't know who he is. They sure are missing out ; ) i love littles, they say the darnedest things :)

  3. happy to have found your cute blog today! love it! xo