Monday, April 23, 2012

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I bought my friend, Lizz, chickfila one day and brought it to our class :)

This is our family easter picture. My Mom and Dad are in the back. Trevor is next to mom and Mary is in front of Mom. Kennedy is behind Justino; they are both wearing blue. I'm in the floral dress in front of Jared.

Trevor sporting superman underwear at walmart in AZ :D

My occupation: cashiering. {this past sunday was my last shift as a minor--adulthood here i come!}

Look how big this sucker is! I love strawberries, and I'm glad the berries have been so ripe :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

My weekend

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Fruit bowls. Delicious fruit, pre-sliced, waiting for you, a rushed individual quickly throwing together a lunch. Or the not so rushed lady who liked to have convince at her finger tips, whatever the reason is, Publix has loving cut fruit up for your disposal. However, there is on slight disadvantage to the cashier.(i.e. me) The price of the item is on the front of the container, yet it always seems to get fudged or bent from the cooler to the register. Thus leaving me to awkwardly undo the label whilst the customer stares at me, oh the joy I tell you! Anyway, I think I'm going to suggest a change.

2. School. School is almost over! Yippee! I can't even really believe it. It came upon me so quietly and quickly, but I am ever grateful the time has almost come.  Approximately two week remain for my college classes and about three weeks for my homeschool classes. Then the week following being released from eight hour detention in a church building for something known as education, I'll graduate!!! : )

3. We had friends over for dinner this past saturday and that was such a lovely, hilarious time! I really enjoyed having the couple and their two kids over. Christian is two and Eliza is 6mo. At the dinner table Christian was asked to talk and his dad said, " Christian, can you said John Piper?" "John Pipa!" "Christian, justification." "jussication!" It was too cute! He then proceeded to outstretch both arms and wave frantically until you waved back, then he would bring his arms in across his chest and smile. I even got to hold Eliza during dinner. She eventually decided that everyone wasn't giving her the correct amount of attention and that she was hungry so, she started to cry.

4. While our friends were here, I noticed their kids had really strong and great attachment to their parents. We've been learning in our human growth and development class that attachment is a vital part of parenting. Especially for the child to succeed in interaction with others, for example. But attachment is a key component in the child developing period. Both of these children were very comfortable with other people holding them and playing with them. The coolest part for me was to actually get to see this in real life. We've been reading about this all semester, but to actually see what attachment looks like was really neat and rewarding for me. :)

5. Posts. I've recently read these posts and highly enjoyed them.

This series.
& this series bring tissues. it might be required and highly necessary. + this goes along with it but read parts one thru four first.
yuppppers-- this one too!
Just this blog in general, her awkward and awesome thursdays are the highlight of my week! :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Nothing that is worthless

i will walk with integrity of heart within my house;i will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless.|Psalm 101:2b-3|

          Is this the desire of my heart, mind, soul, and strength? To not set anything worthless before me? Constantly I'm bombarded with the assaults of the world. Correctly used, the term molested comes to mind. Batterings on all sides, beatings in the most sensitive areas: the heart, brain, and lungs. The most valued--well, used to be valued-- things have been obliterated by the world. Purity, marriage, and life are disregarded. not period. end.of.story. In music, magazines, commercials on t.v., t.v. shows, the radio: Satan's schemes are literally seeping in every area of my life. I'm under attack. And it is my responsibility to set before me, pure, lovely, honorable, and encouraging things to ponder.

          Enlighten me, O God. Renew my spirit within me. Help me to fight hard and strong, aid me in endurance. 

i need thee, O i need thee, every hour i need thee. my one defense, my righteousness, O God, how I need thee. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

thoughts floating around in my head

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1. My brother, Justino, turned 8 today! We had doughnuts for breakfast per his request and also his dinner of choice was hotdogs, mac'n cheese, green beans, and salad. Classy boy if I do say so myself.

2. A fellow classmate of mine stole my thunder. Yes, you read correctly. And boy did he EVER steal my thunder. ahem. context: We had oral presentations today in my composition class. Well--now that I think about it, what other kinds of presentations are there? Anyway, this fellow was the first to speak. And lo, and behold what did he talk about?Point one: Stem cell research. Embryonic stem cell research versus adult stem cell research. What is my research topic? Point two: See point one. It was so dreadful!! I wanted curl up in a ball and flop out of the classroom. Fall off the grid. Ohhhhhh it was awful.

3. I somewhat redeemed the day by getting re-emmeursed in Jane Eyre. I'm really beginning to enjoy this story. Those lovely british writers are known for taking their sweet time to get a story rolling and boy, oh boy, the story is trucking along :)

4. the most loveliest cousins of all were here. They made my week so much brighter. Even though shopping didn't really pan out so well. My two favorite memories were going to the beach and then eating Rita's ice= must have after a day in the sun. The second was playing Nertz a family card game that was introduced by another Uncle. It's basically tradition to play when you have four or more gathered. 

5. I went to see "October Baby" with my mom, my friend Kendall, and her mom. It was the most touching story.ever. See the trailer here. If you cried while watching that, or even got goosebumps, that means you need to go watch this. It was a very powerful and well done movie. It is about a girl who survived an attempted abortion and her journey to find her birth mother, along with her healing process.

6. I'm still stunned that I'm going to be graduating this p.s. I'm going to a Junior/Senior banquet in a few days and I still don't have a dress//girl freak out mode. ; )

7.Please please please pray for my friend Lizz. I'm taking her to see this movie tomorrow and she is pro-choice, a democrat (not that it has anything to do with anything), and she seems to basically disagree on most points with me. However, she still wants to be my friend. I'm just praying this will open her eyes. She seems very unsure of what she actually believes; it seems hard for her to actually articulate her morals.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Tonight was a crisp April evening. The combined families, numbering 17, gathered around one table tonight. It was kind of a special thing to see. It reminded me of the pilgrims first settling here in America. A long table, with many people surrounding it, and once again provided with food. It was neat to see big blended families joined. Not many people have "big" families these days, and that, I suppose, is okay.  However, it was especially heart-warming for me because family members aren't just those who I happen to reside with. That is what is so unique about family structures: they continue on and branch out into thin roots, causing more growth, projecting the tree upwards. The reason I love family is because even when you live six or more states away, you never ever really loose where you last paused your continuing story. Reminiscent as stories are flung across the table, kept to certain circles perhaps, and then projected out again with someone's loud, lovely laugh. It is in those moments, such as tonight, that I take this experience in and observe. As if I were sitting before a crackling fire sipping a warm drink, just taking it all in. And then of course, keep it hidden in my memory bank for sometime until we meet again. I find it fascinating how much I, personally, remember. After thinking about a particular memory, I tend to realize how one or more of my senses such a smell, touch, or taste were involved. Thus sealing the moment with a much tighter seal. Tonight, I've been doing that. When I think about pondering, I think about storing up instances, I think of Mary who stored up her memories in her heart.

All of this has been happening tonight, and while the extended family isn't here much longer, I'm sure I won't let these memories flop outside of  my building repertoire of things my brain fancies. Tonight, I'm trying to enjoy. So far, fairly successfully, and more recently because my cousin is playing beautifully on the piano right now. I might go make some tea now. I hope you are able to cherish the people that mean the most to you, tonight.

Monday, April 2, 2012

First run of the season!

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1. First of all, I have been totally out of the blogging loop save occasionally reading and adding a few comments. A lot has been going on, so I'm finally getting around to letting you all know :)

2.  I have been writing like a crazy woman. Last monday, I turned in the rough draft of my research paper. I'm so very glad to have that done. Well, I got that back today. I got a 95% on the assignment, yay! I really can't even believe that this semester is almost over!

3. dun dun dun! I ran for the first time this year!! :D I was sooooo excited to run. It felt wonderful. I ran one mile without stopping, woohoo! I was listening to music, about 10 feet from our mailbox and the ipod died. :( So, I have no idea what my time was. Either way, I had an awesome time! :)