Thursday, March 22, 2012


Yesterday, I got my braces taken off! YAY! My teeth are so smooth; this is such a long anticipated removal.  My mouth is a slip 'n slide inside, it's great :)

Before my braces were taken off. I chose this picture because you can really see my braces.
This is a lovely snapshot my mom took of me while I was getting my retainer mold taken.
TAAADAAAAA! :) My white teeth and sunburned face. In person it's like staring at the blazing sun (my face) and seeing the white glory of an angel(my teeth)... AT THE SAME TIME. haha

{note the fine white line next to my necklace--pretty sure that's the one of the few un-maimed by the sun spots }


  1. YAY LACEY!!!!
    i hate braces, i'm so glad mine are off.
    and you look beautiful.
    seriously. you're just gorgeous even with the sunburn ;)
    also, did you get my letter yet? i sent it like, forever ago. i really hope it didn't get lost...
    and you really need to come down here for a nice long visit. yesyesyes.

    1. you totally made me smile :) <-- see?! Yes I did get your letter! GAH it made me sooo happy!!! I'll be writing back soon soon. I'm preparing for a test that will be the death of me : ( I started the letter in reply but i haven't written all of it yet. I hope to mail it soon!

      visit?! YESYESYESYESYES. really. i mean really? cows (dead and alive haha), horses, pigs, deer, YOU, turkeys, texas in general.

    2. hehe, and you totally make me smile every time you post.
      and i'm so glad it didn't get lost! i was starting to worry, there.

      also, you better not die during that test. if you do, i'll die, and we don't want that ;)

      and YESYESYESYESYES!!! you can visit us ANY time. really. we could tour all of texas together and have tons, and tons of fun.
      yes. yesyesyes.
      you need to come soon. like now. right now. 'k? 'k.

    3. Thanks, you're sweet :) we should really, legitimately plan this! :D

  2. oh gosh, congrats girl. this post definitely brought back some memories! :)
    xo TJ

  3. Crazy Beautiful!! Which one is the one you sent to dad? :O)

  4. hi sweetie! your smile is so lovely! it is the best feeling ever to feel your teeth again without metal plopped on top. congrats!

  5. uh you know you kinda look like? jennifer lawrence. yes you do!

    1. *googles jennifer lawrence* ohh okay--uh thanks!? :)