Friday, March 9, 2012

modge podge, salad, and other random friday favorites!

friday favorite things | finding joy
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Here are some of favorite things that have happened this week :

1.  Spring is here! And it has shown its lovely face. Green is literally everywhere. All along the highway and the little county rounds bright, vibrant green shouts hello! Azaleas are blooming everywhere also; i love how alive every little bit of creation looks now.
This picture is really dark, shame phone shame, but this tree was so vibrant against the bright blue sky!

2. big fat raindrops
Probably my favorite kind! It was scattered showering while I was driving home from my canceled class and profitable library venture, but now it is hard core raining. I hope it rains all day, I sleep so much better when it rains :)

3. Gorgonzola, mandarin orange, dried cranberry, pecan crusted chicken salad.
this salad is soooo delicious! it's made at a little pizza place by my house and I've only tried it once before today. but i fell, gave in to my craving for it. {disclaimer: worth it} I'm sure it would be super easy to whip up at home, except maybe for the pecan crusted chicken part. it totally hit the spot for me :)

4. passion 2012 modge podge : D

[ugh flash : ( ]
I had so much fun making these mini posters to keep a record of all of the fantastic memories made at passion 2012. I've only written about it thus far. |{here} & (here)| I'm very happy with it. All I did was cut out letters from two magazines,cut out information from the passion material, and paint modge podge on it. 

5. I made my English teacher a felt flower hair accessory and she was really happy and thankful.I was actually surprised at how happy she was. Her face was very bright and smiley, she even gave me a hug! This teacher is such a great teacher, her class is so much fun! {hopefully i'll be posting a tutorial on my felt flower soon}

I've had a fabulous week, how has yours been? Feel free to link up, also!


  1. love your mod podge from passion. what a great way to remember it. and mod podge is always a winner in my book! : )

  2. Love your mini posters!(:

  3. Love the mod podge look!! Your blog is adorable.

  4. thanks for the sweet comments, I really enjoy modge podge :)

  5. Replies
    1. you can register for passion 2013! its open! GAHHH :D the album is out now too. it is so so so so so awesome!