Friday, February 3, 2012

What is this lifestyle accomplishing anyway?

Please read this post with the following thought in mind : God is not limited, we are. God calls us to higher goals that we aim for, therefore, why shoot for the ordinary? {{passion reflections}}

     I just walked around without my brace. It felt quite normal--well--what is normal? If normal is to maintain a clean house, normal isn't tangible all of the time, is it? If normal means buying certain vehicles because of job class or status, normal has boundaries. And if normal equates to dressing or talking in a certain manner, then, so it seems, normal is restraining. How is it possible to follow trends while also attempting to be unique?
     Normal is a common misconceived notion that I once believed existed. The term normal, in fact, is relative. Normal, even in a general context, could mean one thing for my life, my schedule, and my needs. But who is to say that my neighbor's normal means entirely different. In such cases, doesn't it make sense to do away with the term normal?  If you follow my simple, and yes, it is indeed vague, logic one word equals one thing for one person. Therefore, everyone cannot use it because the application of the word is lost among the masses. 

Normal: means bound with restraints, not freedom.
      :is impossible.
      : is a barrier or a wall to continuously run into until you're blue in the face because you've not yet realized that you cannot will into existence your peace, your security, or your plan.

Christ doesn't call us to normal.
~romans 12:2~
He calls you, and he calls me to fulfill our duty
as his ambassadors.
He calls us to his plan, and he will give us
peace and security. 


  1. There needs to be a 'like' button on Blogspot (;

    And y'know... I was having this same conversation with myself just a week or so ago. I totally agree.

  2. nice. a conversation with yourself, that must be fun ; )

    Why live a life with substandard limits when with God, all things are possible?! He calls us to higher and greater things so that we may be sanctified.

    ah, sorry for rambling!