Thursday, February 23, 2012

so here i sit.

The most quiet I've had all day is here, in the library, but, believe it or not,  and you can quote me on this, libraries are not always quiet. You might be thinking, "Is this lady crazy? Duhhh libraries are quiet."

Well, I'm here before your computer screen to say, No, libraries aren't always quiet. The last time I was here literally everyone was talking. Obviously people--ahem-- library attendees y'all need to re-learn how to whisper. I digress.

I'm quite happy I've found quiet. Today was a very busy day for me.  I took myself to math tutoring, I've  picked up a brother and his friends from school, and chauffeured my brother to school.(night school, oh the unknown joys you have for people who can cognitively function at such an hour.) In between all that I snacked and tried to study as much as I could. Although the day was filled with busy, I was able to get a lot accomplished, Praise God! I went to tutoring, studied for an Anatomy test--took the test, and allotted enough time to study for my dreaded Humanities test on Monday. Talk about pressure. I have to understand and know all the information mentioned in the lecture and the chapters we've gone over, plus, an added bonus is that I will be given only certain information that will be required to be spat out on paper via pen.

I'm just going to reemphasize that I can actually hear my self think and form my thoughts. I just might move into the library. I told my brother the other day, while sitting on the couch overwhelmed by home chaos, that I wanted to move into a concrete box just outside of our home.

"You know what those are called? Apartments."-brother
I know! And I want one! :)

Last night, I went to a Crazy love book study.(by Francis Chan)

stop. go find the book and buy it, please. Trust me, it will be very encouraging.

At first, when I saw the book title, I thought that this would just be another Christian book about not dating--blah blah blah, heard it before. To my surprise, the book has nothing to do with that. There are many different topics in this book that deal with the heart of many issues in the church as a whole. I have found this to be so refreshing and convicting. I also love that I'm able to go through with girls my age. We're able to share about life struggles, discuss the book, and offer up prayer requests. i love it. Recently, I've just been so stunned by God and his unending love for me. Through this incredibly fast pace lifestyle that I've been in, I've really been aware of how much I need God. Every minute, every hour, every day is filled with opportunity to be lead into sin in a world focused on self in all the wrong ways. America isn't figuring out what must be done for the next meal. ( I generalize, some may, and I'm not discounting Americans that are in that situation.) Self gratification is lurking around every corner. The christian life is a hard on that must be fought with courage and strength backed by the Almighty creator God.

So, there I sat. Reflecting on these things in my quiet.


  1. want to move out?! :O( Ha ha...I understand...why don't we just invest in a concrete block room and we'll take turns! Libraries can bring a refreshing quiet...we just live too far away to frequent them (at least you get to go to school & take advantage of them!!)
    Rejoicing with you over your accomplished work!! Yay!!! :O)

    1. the library is my concrete block, that way at home i still dwell in the same building. :D