Monday, February 20, 2012

Miscellany mondays!

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1. I'm sitting criss cross applesause, it's been a while since I've done that due to my spontaneous knee incident. My knee is definitely getting stronger, Praise God!

2. I got to go home early from work last night, which was strange and funny. My manager was having a mini heart attack when he found out I was scheduled til 11pm. 

"Do you have school tomorrow?"-him
"then why are you scheduled so late?"
I don't know...haha
"But tomorrow is a holiday"
I have my college classes tomorrow
Oh but you don'y have highschool right?-lady interjects
Nope,but I'm homeschooled anyway.

Which later lead to, "Hey you don't need Lacey anymore do you?"
"Okay, you can peace out now."
"Once it gets past 10:30 I just...freak out"

3. Citing sources.
citing sources isn't that big of a deal right? slap the link in the paper proving no plagiarism and your good to go right? well yes and no. Usually that's the first step, I had to annotate each source, thankfully this go around I only had to annotate four. I'm writing a research paper on the benefits of Adult stem cell research. I'm very interested in this subject, any time I have the opportunity to talk/write/ research about anything related to medicine I get super excited. {yes, I'm a nerd, and I can't wait to become a nurse :D }

4. Back to my job. I my job. I'm so thankful to have one, in the first place. But I honestly get excited to go to work every chance I get. The management is superb! I work for the best people ever. ever ever ever :) Also, Publix* is the perfect niche for me. Publix emphasizes customer service and being friendly. Meaning smiles and be polite to people, I love that! Coworkers ask me why I look so happy all the time and ask me to (sarcastically) stop. No, I'm not a zombie who never gets depressed sad or disappointed, but I do have a lot of reasons to be happy. :)

*publix is a grocery store where i am currently a cashier*


  1. I didn't know you wanted to become a nurse! That's great! (:

    1. yep! that's what I'm going for :)

      p.s. you should totally look into dual enrollment :D super super awesome!

  2. new to your blog! Yay on your studies to become a nurse! My mom was a nurse for like 40 years and retired and still nurses for hospice home care now part time she loves it! Nurses are the key to great health care. Believe me I know now I am on the patient side of things. I always wanted to be a nurse growing up until I realized I can't handle the site of blood, which is now getting easier being I am poked and proded nearly daily!

    I haven't heard that word criss cross applesauce in like forever. glad your knee is getting better and yay for having a job you like and smile about! Super fun!

    1. Thanks for stopping in :) That is so cool that your mom was a nurse, I'm super excited to try to become one! I just read your bio to understand why you were in the hospital so much, I'll surely be praying for you. Isn't is great to be able to pray to a God who is our healer and who is far mightier than any other human? I think so :)

  3. girl! i can relate to your knee pain. i have it too. i have been wearing two braces and it has helped me so much. glad yours is getting better!

    1. really?! what did you do? I dislocated mine and tore my mpfl (medialis patella(patellar?) femur ligament. So the inside of my knee. :( My new years resolution was to start running(more like jogging--not half marathon intense ; ) props to you by the way! ) again, which alas, did not happen.