Thursday, January 19, 2012

I write, finally!

After a fantastic trip, come December 31st, I was more than glad to be home. We all went over to my grandma's house for a wonderful meal and most everyone went to bed at a fairly decent hour, due to the fact that we had been driving all day. I, however, stayed up journaling about 2011 because I wanted to be official and ring in the new year! I mean, c'mon, I'm graduating this year! :)

The next day I went to church, super excited to see all my friends! I decided on the way to church that I wanted my new years resolution to be to start running again. I wasn't exactly planning on dislocating my knee cap while walking down the church aisle.


Yep, I dislocated my knee cap. I was walking in cowgirl boots, with a three inch dress heel. I knew I was bound for trouble at some point with those boots. I was walking through the post-church mingling masses, dodging little kids, and sliding past conversating people. I walked behind someone down the aisle and as I did, I twisted my ankle slightly and as I feel my knee hit the pew and my weight took over as I fell. In slow motion as I replayed the moment in my head over and over again I clearly remember, "oh man, that didn't feel right."

I cried out, "Oh my knee, oh my knee!" A lady from my church who coaches highschool girls basketball and has a Phys.Ed degree rushed over and examined my knee. Another lady called her husband, an Orthopaedic surgeon, who was on call at Shands. Somebody ran to get ice, two people were getting in contact with the paramedics, and I was, as calmly as possible, laying on the ground trying to breathe through the pain. I was wearing skinny jeans so everyone was aware of how drastically dislocated my knee was, except me. I refused to look down and potentially freak myself out.

The paramedics came within about five minutes; during the wait, several people were praying for me and kept encouraging me. The paramedics were pretty pushy when it came to deciding which hospital to go to. The lady in charge wanted to go to a hospital slightly closer, for my sake, but I, along with my parents wanted to go to the hospital where the person we know was!  After coming to the conclusion that I wasn't going to get meds in the ambulance, we finally started to get moving.

Mr. Nugent, my friend from church, and awesome doctor, met us at the ER. I was given some pain medication as soon as I was rolled in but after letting in set in a bit, I was still in pain. Then I was given morphine, I didn't feel loopy, I felt tired and able to relax. My muscles finally stopped trying to fix the knee cap by contracting. Mr. Nugent lifted up my leg to a bent position, laid it back down, and my knee cap was normal! YAY! I didn't realize my knee looked normal for about 10 minutes! :)

While I waited to be released, I got my brace and crutches. I was told that if I babied my knee, didn't push myself, and found a wheelchair, I still could go to the Passion 2012 conference. I was crying more profusely about not getting the chance to attend the conference, than the pain that I was in. I did go to the conference and had a fantastic time, more on that later. :)


  1. Oh my gosh! I do hope your knee is now feeling better! :)

  2. Jared posted that on Facebook the day it happened and I prayed for you. Glad to hear that it's better! And glad to hear form you again (;