Saturday, December 17, 2011

texas was you

The whirlwinds swirled. The laundry room was constantly full of clothes. With everyday that lead up to December 13th, the stress level would rise one notch. Finally Tuesday, December 13th arrived. It was the longest and quickest day at the same time. Tuesday is always long because it begins at 5:45am; while it ended an hour before the regular time, it was stressful because as soon as the co-op attending part of the family returned home we all had to leave! Before I knew it we were all in the "big van" (as we call it, our 12 passenger van). There was no going back! Even if one of us had forgotten something--forget it--we'd cross that bridge when we realized what someone had forgotten ; )
The first destination was Trevor's basketball game, which, by the way, was amazing! It is always very entertaining, and well, we won, so that ended my day well and began my night with a fantastic hyper buzz. I was the first to drive, I only lasted about three hours because my eyes began to hurt really badly. Nothing to thrilling occurred between then and the next 15 hours so i'll summarize.

Dad and mom alternated driving, we stopped for breakfast, and slept (if it can be called that) in between everything else.

To some, the word Texas equates bitterness and quizzical expressions," Wait, what's in Texas?" While it is true that the land is quite flat, dry, and "boring", I find the state beautiful. Believe it or not, there is a difference between the sky and the Texas sky. Case in point? In Texas I could feel the sky, see for miles, and just think. Practically everywhere else, the population in is in a rush. Oh, no siree, not in Texas. When the world says run faster, take time to smell the roses.

How to survive in Texas :

Number 1: Don't mess with the wrong people.
Number 2: Mind your own business.
Number 3: Be Friendly.
Number 4: Keep your word. People around here still shake hands when making a promise, if you screw up, you're done for.
Number 5: Own multiple pairs of boots. (some for fashion statements, others for feeding the pigs : D )


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