Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I've Never Done This Before

To be honest, I'm quite the newbie blogger. I can make my way around the deep chasms of the blogging world very safely from the top of the depths looking down. *gulp* I follow several blogs and plenty of them I've discovered by browsing other random blogs. I wasn't aware of how many transparent Christians there are in this blogosphere. But I'm very happy to have found them :)

I cannot even remember how I came across Aspire, but I've stuck around and have enjoyed reading Hannah's posts. She is very real and open, plus she delights in the little things in life, those things usually bring the most joy.

Speaking of joy, I also, through Aspire found out that Hannah's mom, Rachel, has a blog titled Finding Joy.  Mrs. Rachel encourages me because of the happiness that she finds in her everyday life. Transparency is showing who you are at all times, the good and the bad. That is what I appreciate about these ladies and of all the other people I follow.

I was reading Finding Joy, and I found out that Mrs. Rachel was having a link up Sam with the challenge to find your favorite photo of 2011. Like I said in the intro, I'm not to sure on how to do much around here; I don't even know how to post the cute button that was made :P I do have my favorite photo with out a doubt.

I worked for family friends and cared for their little girl this past spring/summer. Her name is Lindsay and she was such a fountain of happiness! We spent a lot of one-on-one time together and this picture was taken after the family came home from vacation. In the background, you can see balloons and a "Welcome Home!" sign we made. I have so many fond memories of this girl, she was very intelligent although she could not speak. She was full of love and the best way for you to feel that love was through her tight, squeezy hugs. Lindsay conquered life with her handy-dandy purple wheelchair. Most may want to express pity to the family when he or she finds out that Lindsay had a chromosomal disorder. But to that response  those of us who knew her, we would have probably smiled because we knew the real Lindsay. "Chromosomal" refers to the intricately chosen alignment of the chromosomes that God predestined. "Disorder" refers to what may happen when you leave a dish close enough to Lindsay : a broken dish, but many laughs. Or it may refer to what happens when you leave the wipes container by her bed: she pulls all of them out. Her insides may have been a mess, and Lindsay could pull the "hot mess" and "sassy" attitude sometimes, but at the end of every day with her I never had a bad day. Every time I was with her we had some new adventure together. A new opportunity to make a memory. I have many memories stored up; I'm very blessed to have been able to spend time with her. September, 2011 she experienced several complications that caused her to be hospitalized, she came out of the hospital the first time, and the family had high hopes to resume "normal" life. Several days after that, Lindsay needed to be taken to the hospital again. And because God's sovereign plan is so much higher and different than ours, He decided it was time for Lindsay to arrive at her new home. I chose this photo because of the enormous impact that Lindsay had and still has on my life.

{Due to checking on permission to post this, this was my new year reflection, just a little late :) }

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