Sunday, December 18, 2011

"I must scream it to the world, my excitement from the top of someplace very high!"

(why, yes, that quote is from Cars :D )

Yesterday, I read Ezekiel 20.

 Um, Wow!

The first half of the chapter talks about the history of past Israelite rebellion, and how even though they had to experience the wilderness, God punished them in that way for his namesake! Isn't that just mind blowing?! Literally. I had to scoop up my feeble, human mind after reading about this. God. God of the universe God chose to deliver the Israelites out of captivity because it brought Him glory. God takes his worth seriously, He knows when we try to be fake with him. {note the word try} God detected that in the Israelites. (Ezekiel 20:30-32) I can't ever pull off serving two masters. It just doesn't work like that. I can choose to serve the world, or I can serve the Lord.

In the second half of the chapter, the "good" part, God rewards them because of His name. He has standards and rules; if you obey them, you will love and reap the benefits of blessing. If you disobey, you will feel God's wrath, as an Israelite that is. But now I have Jesus! The wrath removing sacrifice who "always lives to make intercession."[hebrews 7:24]

And I, I want to be real
there's to much at stake and I'm tired of faking
I just want to be real

With that said, yesterday was also amazing because we went sightseeing around the Flagstaff AZ area. Flagstaff in general is quite the quaint western town. By quaint, I mean slightly laid back while also maintaining  a modern edge. We first went to Sunset Crater Volcano, hiked up a mountain and stopped for lunch at the top. Pictures are fun, but unless you visit anywhere out west, the pictures don't give justice to the incredible beauty. After some hiking, we piled into the car for some driving. We drove to Wupatki National Monument, which was 20 miles away from Sunset Crater. At Wupatiki there are pueblo homes to observe and trails to walk down. Everyone kept saying how surreal everything was. For example, we were standing where history was made, where real Native Americans lived. All I wanted to do was sit in the silence and soak it in. The view was amazing, the history impacting, and the silence was moving. During all the appreciation that we were expressing, I kept thinking about Lewis and Clark, I mean have you seen the mountains?! They traveled over them, endured all sorts of weather, and all that for the sole purpose of exploring land. A new land, land that caused people to want to begin a new life. I also was reminded of the fact that winter was harsh for these people, and summer was brutal, how survival was what most of these people must have hoped for.

I leave thee with deep thoughts, and building anticipation for Christmas as the days slip by. :)

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  1. This post is so inspriational and thought-creating...I leave you also with a mind full of ponderings and a squeal of glee that Christmas is so close :))