Monday, December 26, 2011

The Grandeur of the Grand Canyon

Doesn't that sound like a cheesy title? A title that took agonizing over to come up with? You know...the same kind of agonizing that a writer goes through for a thesis statement. {{those can be toughies}} But, believe it or not, when dwelling on the Grand Canyon, it isn't hard to use the biggest most best words in my word bank to describe that place. This national landmark is a sight to behold. After visiting the park for four or so odd hours, I kept looking at the canyon thinking, " Is this really real?" Well, let me tell you, I came into contact into with the canyon in an up close and personal way.

This was at the first sight-seeing spot at the Grand Canyon, I was stunned.

We began the day by walking around the South Rim of the Canyon. It was pretty icy and snowy. Which, by the way, means it was potentially one of the most dangerous places for a natural disaster to occur to a human being. My stomach was caught up in the narrow passages of throat for a wee bit, I mean please, it was a Grand, massively large, intricately carved, wonder of the world. I was in awe. The day was going along very pleasantly. The weather was pure and crisp. We stopped on the side of the road of near the Canyon to throw snowballs down the canyon wall, throwing and enjoyment was had by all.

My Mom, the crazy nature/science/state and national park junkie that she is, wanted to walk down into the canyon. Once she found out we were "going down" she kept saying, " We're going down, We're going dooowwwwwwn!!" As a group of eight with the age range of 7-45, we tackled the " Hermit Trail." It began with a clear path and slight obstacles like rocks to walk around, up, over and dodge.  The sun was shining and the silence was deafening.We walked down the trail a bit and then came into contact with snow along the shady part of the canyon wall.

 I cautiously and slowly walked through the snow. whew, glad I got through that. ahem. So I thought. Around the next turn, there was a sunny patch of land with dry ground, and around the next corner was snow, again. Kennedy said, " You're walking slowly and you look scared, are you nervous?" I replied calmly with a smile," No, I'm fine!" The next moment in time, as I replay it in my mind again comes to life in slow motion; I slipped. I slipped on ice onto my butt. I was really shaken. At first, I just sat in the cold snow as it soaked into my jeans. [ at first lasted maybe... five seconds] I cried plenty of tears. "I slipped because Kennedy made fun of me," I sobbed. The rest of the entourage moved on while Dad stayed behind. After some ((reluctant on my part)) coaxing, I attempted to go on farther down into the canyon. I was a feeble wreck! My entire legs, from each femur to the tibia and fibula, were ridden with the shakes. As slow as a sloth, I walked, crawled in some spots, and side stepped down the trail. We didn't go all the way down into the canyon because that is quite a feat, for it takes several hours one way. We eight, assuredly did not have that much time. But I did make it to our stopping point and back!

After I made it down to the stopping point, I cried again. 


{{just couldn't resist the chance to release my inner hippie ; ) }}


  1. Those pictures are amazing lacey! And your story about slipping was interesting! Very well done!

  2. Thanks! I tried to convey how terrified I was, and in spite of that, what a wonderful day it truly was.

    Have you made a bucket list yet? The Grand Canyon should be on it :D

  3. That picture of you hugging a tree made me literally laugh out loud :))

    The story about you falling sounds exactly like something that would happen to me. I'm glad you ventured down into the canyon, that takes courage, girl :)

  4. I love it! All of it (:

    I want to go so bad! Was it cold? Or did it just depend like whether you were in the sun or not? And those pictures of your dad hugging you were super sweet (;

  5. It was very crisp in the morning, but whenever we have gone on family winter trips, thankfully we have been prepared for the weather. By the time we went hiking we were shedding layers.

    The reason I slipped was because around the dips and curves of the canyon there were shady and sunny spots. The sunny spots were dry and the shady spots snowy.

    Overall it was a great trip! I highly recommend putting this on the bucket list :D