Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded because :

  • We're a big family and that's the only way to do it.
  • This potentially could be a once in a lifetime experience. {hopefully not, I'd like to come back}
  • Fully loaded trips are the most memorable :)

Monday 12/19: We went to Walnut Canyon. The reason why I think it is named Walnut Canyon is because you would've been a nut to live there! The fact that people even lived in a canyon is quite the daring feat. These people lived in the depths of rock that was carved *cough* coincidentally just for them. Indians were very resourceful and incredibly smart. Indians were pliable individuals, they had to be to survive. Out here the roads move with the land, in the same way the Indians weren't set out destroy the land but to use it  as the renewable resource that it was. They used the land for sustenance and they also used the land for their homes by adding to what was already provided to them, such as the Canyon.

 Later that night we went to hear a Navajo Indian, Brian Benally. He was really funny and he reminded all of my family of Brian Regan and Tim Hawkins. He gives Indian tours in Sedona for Red Stone. Brian enlightened us with many facts and explained that the text books don't have a lot of the Indian story right. He said that only 10% of Indians actually came across the Bering Strait. Also, did you know that the Apache and Navajo Indians are both the same people with different names? True story. Brian told us when he gives his tours to the Hopi Mesa he said the Hopi can tell when he arrives, "Wait-- is that a Navajo? Hurry! Lock the refrigerators!"

Common Indian Questions and Brian's responses :

  • Do Indians still eat buffalo? "Yes, but only the wings!"
  • " Most Indians now days have cell phones and drive cars, my Dad just bought a yellow corvette. People ask if we still ride horses. *cough*  There's 250 horses under that hood." 
  • "If you want to know how to make an Indian blush ask him where his loin cloth is... I don't have one."
    {The Navajo cultural clothing requirement is to not show anything but one's face and hands.}
As soon as I get a better, faster internet connection I'll post about the Grand Canyon. That was quite a scary adventure for me. But don't cry 'cause I lived :D


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! :))

  2. We had a great time! There are so *many* things to do out west, I'd love to go back :)

  3. Lacey those pictures of Walnut Canyon are amazing! Absolutely breathtaking! It looks so beautiful (: