Thursday, November 10, 2011

Well, I, uhhh...did the unthinkable...

I ran over a squirrel. 

Yes, I added a picture of a baby squirrel to add guilt to the reader ;)

In case you just missed that...

I ran over a squirrel!

The weather couldn't have been more picturesque. My windows were down, the radio was turned up, and the cool air filled the van. I eased off the gas pedal while approaching a traffic light, it was still green so I preceded to drive on. 

and then...

All of the sudden... a little squirrel was running across the street. "oh no," I thought, " keep running little buddy!" This poor squirrel was running across the street to the left, saw my car speedily coming towards him, at the last minute deciding to turn and run to the right, oh wait--"no, back to the left we go," thought the squirrel. On the way back to the left side of the road, I hit the sucker right in the head.


Now, this sounds like it took some time. And, it did. However, it was like 20 seconds maximum! After the chaos had happened I just started laughing! 

{{hahahahhahahhahaha....did I just do that?! hahahahhahahah}}

I was caught between a small amount of pity and a large amount of joy. I felt accomplished, like I had lived. I had actually ran over a squirrel, I was experienced in many ways of life from that point on.

[[ Disclaimer: I'm not an animal hater, nor am I extremely sympathetic c'est la vie (said : say la vee)= such is life]]

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