Friday, November 25, 2011

Acceptance and Thanksgiving

I greet thee with the best of news! I got accepted to my first college :D

My LU letter and t-shirt.

I wasn't attending because I'd already been accepted. I wasn't attending the November third-fifth College for a Weekend because Liberty was my number one school either. I was tagging along with my brother because he was slightly more interested than I was, and our friend told us about the school. My calm, confident angel was battling with my “is-this-the-right-decision?” devil as I tried to sleep on the bus ride up to Lynchburg. As a Christian visiting a Christian college, I suppose I shouldn't have been shocked by the overwhelming friendliness I experienced, but I was surprised. All of my interactions with various Liberty students were all positive. I could actually see people living in a christ-centered, christ-following manner. By the second day of CFAW I was sold on about coming to Liberty. I wanted to become a student because as a high-schooler over a short weekend I was deeply moved by the graciousness of the people! The dress code at Liberty wouldn't be difficult to follow because I already believe that I should dress in a manner that would not cause my brothers in Christ to stumble. Plus, having a curfew would help me to develop better time management skills, such as allotting time for sleep. I'm interested in pursing a Nursing major not for the money, but because I sense that I'm called to be a nurse. How many institutions would appreciate or understand being called by God for a profession? Few and far between. Not many schools, if any that I know of, encourage mission trips to help with tuition, yet Liberty does. I want to attend Liberty University because I was impacted by the champions for Christ that the university is already raising up. I want to be apart of the movement that wants to thrust strong Christians into the world. I sure never thought I would feel this strongly about a school after a taste of what the campus life was like on a random week in November. That is just how God moves though doesn't he? Mysteriously planning events and then surprising me.

 Two days--t w o  d a y s-- after I sent this admissions essay in I got an email from Liberty! And over the thanksgiving holiday they sent me a t-shirt and an official letter.

((I had a change of heart after visiting LU, I was set on *not* going to a Christian college, but we'll see how God provides))

Now to the thanksgiving prep! In our neighborhood, we have traditions such as eating together on major holidays. I absolutely love when we get together. This year I initiated everything, well--because I wanted to make sure it happened! I walked up to houses, knocked on doors, and sold girl scout cookies ; ) I expected 25+ people to attend our feast for friends. Since the meal would be outside I wanted to embellish the outdoors as much as I could. After walking around our little nature preserve outside our house I realized that there were a lot of pine cones. I decided to gather the pine cones that I needed to make a thanksgiving sign! I hot glued letters to the pine cones and hung them on a string. I also took several gangly looking tree branches and stuck them in plaster of Paris in a bucket to make a mini tree. The object of the strange creation was to liven the tree by adding construction paper leaves to it. The guests would write things that he or she is thankful for and tape it to the tree. It was lovely.{hopefully I'll get pictures up soon!}

During the day, Jared and I cooked, however it was mostly Jared making the food, I did help! We were trying to take pictures every couple minutes to make a time lapse video of thanksgiving day. It was a lot of fun taking pictures, I can't wait to see how it turned out! The Thanksgiving festivities began around four o'clock even though I told everyone to be there at three.  We all held hands and prayed over the food, the evening, and then rushed to the food line. Soon after dinner, most of the kids lined up to play knock out. Its a basketball game where constant free throws are shot in the hopes of knocking out the person in front of you. I then sat on the driveway of our neighbors house and we talked for several hours. After a neighbor friend, who was up from Word of Life, left with other friends, his brother came over and we played apples to apples and scategories for two hours. Thanksgiving day couldn't have been more memorable. I was blessed to have a fantastic time.

I saw this on a blog I follow :
things I'm thankful for : a-z

africa, adventures, apple crisp
brothers, babysitting, boggle
church, christ, chris august, chubby baby fingers, catchphrase
dinner as a family
earth, eyes, esty
frogs (especially the little green tree frogs)
goat cheese
ice cream
lemonade, little hands
memories with the best of friends
newness of life in christ
opportunities to learn more about God and his word
popcorn, John Piper's preaching
quiet mornings, quest
singing and smiling
talking, tenth avenue north, tubs
unity among believers  
xenon--the element from the periodic table which means stranger (i'm thankful for all the new strangers that have become friends)
youth group

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