Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yay for Creativity!

I felt my creative side coming on today :)  Let me set up the situation for you : my family had a newspaper (which is rare), I had scissors, and I had an idea! I began snipping away. No, sadly, I wasn't snipping interesting or thought provoking articles, I was cutting out letters. I was destroying sentences, phrases, and bringing them back down to the letter level. It was kind of painstaking for a while, because I had a pair of scissors that weren't working to its full potential. I got a new pair, eventually, and my fingers couldn't move fast enough to keep up with the scissor speed!
[Let me tell you, it was CRAZY]
Then I placed all the {{millions}} of letters into a plastic bag. bad, bad, idea. When I wanted to work on my marvelous idea (mentioned above^^ ;) ), it was very confusing to get the correct letters out.


I probably spent 15-20 minutes of sorting letters and punctuation marks.


I had to drive to the store and buy Elmer's glue. (no, I don't have rights of the little r to go above the trademarkness for Elmer's glue, but I didn't steal anything, I promise)

I finally was able to start making headway in my project yay. I made two little, happy signs.

I documented the whole process, save driving to the store. :)

Beautifully stacked newspaper : before.

snip, snip

Newspaper : after snipping
It's the letter lottery...pick a letter, any letter!

Mr. Elmer saved the day!

Trust the Lord at all times.

Enter his gates with thanksgiving, his courts with praise.


  1. very nice! (and if you ever need a job, you are now qualified to be a 'ransom note' writer)

  2. Just let me know when my first day of work is ;)

  3. Haha! That's so cute! After I've had any of my magazines for a month I alway go through and cut out TONS of stuff from them... i made this collage type thingy and i love it... it's in my bathroom. But that's such a cool idea! And - p.s. - they turned out super adorable! (:

  4. Oh :P you know my Google name is Pink Brunette haha. I didn't want my real name all over my blog, so I figured that would be fine (: but it's me Mary B. (:... but you knew that, right?

  5. bahaha yes i did :D ()know who you were() I love being artsy... it's fun! :)