Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Day I...

  • will turn 18.
  • will be a full time college student.
  • will make a huge mistake (potentially several ;) )
  • might get down on myself and throw a pity party--no one is invited :P
  • could cry
  • will laugh
  • will happily rejoice with others
  • fold laundry
  • will make and eat a peanut butter sandwich
  • will cook
  • will strive to be a good listener
  • will do my best to be the friend that I would like to have
  • demonstrate patience
  • I'll give more grace
  • I'll try to live in the good of the gospel's unending faithful assurance
  • I will trip, stumble, fall, face-plant but be caught

  • I am rejoiced in because of Christ's sacrifice that now clothes me in robes of righteousness.

{{the world as we know it is always changing}}


  1. You make me...so completely proud to even know someone like you!!:) <3 <3<3 Luv ya tons!! ....Ppssst...18 is so close, isn't it?? Funny, ya know...how life goes.

  2. <3 you too! Isn't it crazy that we will be 18 soon?! I feel so old :P

  3. I LOVE you and learn so much from your attitude toward life! We MUST keep in touch!! :)p