Sunday, October 2, 2011

Babysitting in the woods ;)

Look! We're almost to the earths core! ;)

Love this one!

I like how the wind catchs hair in the breeze :)

I had a lovely weekend that included babysitting these awesome kiddos! I also had the *cough* privilege of helping my brother and his friend set up their tent. :D

One sister + two friends+ one tent= a tent set up! At 4:30am, however, the sprinkler system came on and the boys got wet, oops?! ;)


  1. Is that where Lauren's Birthday was? Super adorable pictures =] i love all of them.

    Don't you love Fall? Camping sounds so fun right now... slightly jealous haha =].

    We need to get together some time. Like REALLY need to get together! Especially because when I think about Fall I think about the woods and sweathers and jeans and being outdoors... and all that reminds me of when we would hang out in the 'woods' by your house. I miss you oodles!

    Oh p.s. do you remember that quilt that we would work on sometimes? Haha! I love that thing... it was so random and colorful; which pretty much describes us =P

  2. Yes, that's the place :)

    YES I LOVE FALL! (<-- see? ;) ) I'm sooo excited about the weather, I had to break out my winter-y and fallish clothes the other day.

    Um. umm.ummm.ummmm. YES (again) we do need to get together! ASAP!! :D <3 I miss you oodles and oodles too.

    oh p.s. I still have the random and colorful quilt :D