Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Photos at last!

I am going to post some pictures that I took for my photography class! :) We had to take 5 photos about only *things* that help describe who we are.  

This is my purity ring that my Dad gave to me on my 16th birthday. The blue stone is Tanzanite , which is surrounded by 10 itty bitty diamonds.

The BEST shoes, and a great cause!

I took this picture because I like to blog :)

Publix bags to represent my bagging occupation and skills :D

The Bible in front of the Anatomy book represents the career path  I'm currently seeking : Nursing.


  1. excellent selection of items for the assignment!

  2. I LOVE you!! And think you're the coolest blogging chick around! :O) Your pictures represent you well! Except you don't have a ba-jillion pictures of all your sweet friends!!

  3. Thanks Mrs. Alice!

    True that Mom. I don't know if I could squeeze them into one picture. :D

  4. Awesome-ness.... that's what this is! :D Oh, and LOve yo Toms girl:)!!