Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hello, hello! :)

Today I started my photography class (late :P) at Summit! I'm very excited about it, as we have an amazing teacher. We had a photo scavenger hunt that demonstrated everyone's creative ability. I don't have pictures to post yet, but in the near future I hope to do so.

This morning on the way to Summit, we saw a gorgeous sunrise. I jotted down some notes about it, and, I hope to post that soon too.

ah, my pending procrastination. *sigh*

Also, on the way to Summit today, I told my mom in one month my birthday (EIGHTEEN!!) will be in 6 months. (yeah that's 7 months but you get the point ;)) She flipped.While driving ;) she told me I couldn't turn EIGHTEEN. Somehow, I have the feeling that you can't exactly put that kind of stuff on hold.

I have a dreadful morning class tomorrow.

morning. ugh.

The sleep deprived one, hoping you are sleeping and counting sheep,

Lacey loo

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