Wednesday, September 28, 2011


           In Composition this morning, the class had an interesting discussion that made me giggle. It is that time of the class, the time were blood pressure and anxiety shoots through the roof; it's grammar test time. When presented with choosing between an easy test or a difficult test, most of the class was leaning toward the easier option. Finally, after tossing ideas and concerns around, Mr. Crocker offered a little comfort to the fearful grammar test takers, “The grammar tests count as .5% of your grade.” Once he said that, most of the students sighed a sigh of relief. However, one student could not be persuaded to take a hard test when passing a grammar test seemed unattainable, and I don't blame her.


  1. O_O... TEST... T-errific . E-motion. S-training. T-raining.
    :) See? It's not all that baddd ;). <3<3 ya:)

  2. I know its not that bad, and in the long run will only help her, but she does't see that. :)