Tuesday, August 23, 2011


She cries.

This seems to be her only outlet.  Neither she, nor anyone she has confided in has any explanation as to why, or where the ocean of tears are coming from.  Yet they continue to flow, well up, and slowly fall down her ashen face.  Her friends tell her that crying is healthy and freeing.

     " God, how is this healthy if I'm tortured by my emotions until everything I have ever done or said comes back full swing in my face?", she pleads with her heart full of ache.

In bitter anguish she lets her thoughts run wild and tears run free almost every night. Gripped with fear, and absolutely indecisive about life in general, slowly, painfully, she drifts of to sleep.

 Blame, doubt, and confusion greet her with the rising sun.

Scooping sand onto her feet, her eyes are fixated on the shoreline. She notices the waves licking the sand, as if coming back for more food on thanksgiving day. She tries not to think too hard. She does so to avoid being captured in her thoughts, and becoming captivated in the world of gloom and doom. Her feelings slowly seem to be coming back to her. Recently, numb has been her desired reality. The sand, saltwater, and distant echo of children laughing cause a smile to sneak across her face.

Standing now, she dusts her sandy hands on her shorts and walks towards the water. Waves consistently rush to her ankles; she stops. Blocking everything else out, one word continues to bounce around in her head.


She sees, feels, and hears it. Squinting up at the sky with determination and life in her face she proclaims, " No more tears!"

Featured above is my randomly inspired mini story(?!) In the middle of last night I just started organizing sentences and thought, " I have to start writing this!"

So I did. :)

Perks of the week :

Composition I started! YAY! :D
Senior year started today! Whoooooooooot.
I babysat some perty cute kiddos "Is miss wacey going to come pway bwocks with me today?" :)
I bought Owl City's new cd : All things bright and beautiful- life changing cd. haha :)


  1. senior year!!!! oh.my.word! when it cools down some, we should do a photo shoot - i know jared will probably do your senior pics - but i could do some too! what do you think???

  2. Really?! YES! I would love you to do some of mine :D :D