Wednesday, June 29, 2011

booksbooksbooksbooksbooks[and more]books

Current location : Barnes and Noble.

Known to some as one of the best places on earth.

The view? No, it isn't an African (or even Floridan for that matter) sunset, but the view makes me giddy. Because there are books every which way I look. I have Shakespeare sitting to the left, yelling at me with extremely {large} print on the cover. I, however do think that it seems inviting, that is, reading Shakespeare. The language is quite pretty if you can stand it long enough to appreciate it. It is not as eloquent as French, but has a charm about it that I enjoy. Farther down to the left are books about 'Role Playing' and Dragons. Something I don't think I could ever come to appreciate. To the right are books about Astrology and the 'New Age'. And above the ceiling, raining down throughout the store, are the words," Let your soul be your pilot."


World where have we gone? Where are we headed? We all need us some Jesus.

Jesus' words are even here--however many altered translations stand next to the ole' King J and my personal favorite, Mr. English Standard Version, all varieties are present, along with 'inspirational' books.

The newest things are items named : The Kindle, or The Nook. Quite honestly, I find these 'things' to be saddening. I love books. Isn't it fun to cuddle up with a blanket, pry open your marked page and, re-enter the mysterious world only you and the book have? It's thrilling to open a book and find words splattered on pages and feel the pages. Experience the book. I have a hard time understanding how you can do that with a Kindle or a Nook. The technology is being placed in Children's hands, younger and younger each year. No wonder kids don't want to read books. Cell phones, ipads, Kindles and Nooks are better. I beg to differ.

It makes me sad.

I have some summer goals which include a lot of reading. What have you been reading? Any suggestions?


  1. Awesome blog Lacey! And yes,"We all need us some Jesus." :)

  2. JED! Hi! :) *waves* Thanks, I just found your blog, I'm glad I can keep up with all your trips somehow.

    p.s. A Daytona visit is in order!
    p.p.s when can i talk about Africa at quest? ;)

  3. I just finished reading The Help (haha you probably know that by now) but it was pretty good =]

  4. I saw there was a movie for it too. Which did you do first, read the book or watch the movie? I'd like to do both! :)